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UnlegendaryNoob Talks About Gump While Playing Zombsroyale

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Today unlegendarynoob talks about gump zombsroyale yt


TheFatRat – Unity x Megalovania



  1. The only good zombs Royale youtuber to watch right now

  2. i started csgo 7 hours ago and have not played any zr even tho i am a god at zr events and stuff lmafo

  3. Yo whats up Unlegendary I just want to say

    Zombsroyale is ded dont play it mf

  4. no shots I haven't played zombs in 2 weeks I have been grinding on a different game and zombs was my favorite game
    That's crazy

  5. One of these days he’ll talk about the SN Series created by me!

  6. They call him the white feather, no cap lol. 🤣

  7. im starting to sense that noob doesnt want to play zombs royale that much like he used to idk _("/)_/

  8. W content creator Sorry that you were sick but im glad the Legend shook back <3

  9. gah dayum noob almost at gold keep it up brotha stay strong

  10. I miss the olden days in zombs when there was still so many players 😢.

  11. sense your like the biggest content creator i think if you think this a good idea we can get the attention of endgame and add like a market place where you can buy or sell or even trade skins or stuff like that like emotes

  12. why is simply noobs so bad- (ur probably best sn player!!)

  13. I haven’t played since my last video😮‍💨☠️losing interest

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