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I used only the most overpowered and unskillful weapons in Superpowers mode in Zombs Royale and this is what happened…
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  1. at the final round jun goes beast mode 1000%

  2. what hapepen u guys just stopped posting

  3. What was the music playing the end of the video called playing zombie Royale at midnight

  4. love the vid jun keep it up and cant wait for the map update.

  5. Nice video jun. Flamethrower and vector are so broken lmao. I’ll be waiting for yr vid on new season (btw there’s a koala skin which I think Yang added for unlegendarynoob). Hopefully we get a new map this season or this game will probably die.

  6. Apparently they made the damage and healing indication thiccer

  7. Yo jun u the best bro y did u stop 4 like a year

  8. imagine if u didnt a get a op weapon at the start n die lol keep up the good work
    is it ok if u play with me like few >rnds

  9. New map well never come out yang is toxic they lied no map well come out

  10. I like how he is posting videos like 7 times a week

  11. Yo you have over a thousand friends lol imagine having those

  12. its been a year since the last map update and they update the damage numbers

  13. I see your pfp has changed… 2022 and zr still being played ya'll hella loyal to this 2d game

  14. i found a fake jun in discord and it wasent u love the vids keep up the great work

  15. u killed me im [-]trixy lmao i was raging cuz u were spamming me lmao

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