USING the SCUFFED "RAMDONOOBY" Keybinds in Zombs! + Valentine Chest Opening & LegendaryJun -

USING the SCUFFED “RAMDONOOBY” Keybinds in Zombs! + Valentine Chest Opening & LegendaryJun

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Hi guys! In this video, I will be doing a zombs royale challenge where I change my zombs royale keybinds to spell out my name “RAMDONOOBY”! Hope you enjoy the video! Please like, subscribe, and watch my other videos! Have an incredible day!

SHOUTOUT to Chen from Discord who gave me the video idea, thank you!

This zombs royale challenge is very unique and although it was hard to use, you can guys can also try using the “ramdonooby” keybinds yourself and comment below your experience!

The first half of the video is me reacting and adjusting to these new keybinds where I perform horribly in normal zombs royale solos, but in the second half, I play duos with LegendaryJun with the keybinds while finding a loophole in the challenge…

Also, I added a small Valentine Chest Opening added in between the video!

Closing in on 8K subscribers and I still haven’t posted my 7K montage…I will try to work on it more, sorry!

0:00 – Intro
1:13 – Game #1 (solos)
1:55 – Game #2 (solos)
3:08 – Game #3 (solos)
3:56 – Game #4 (solos)
4:52 – Game #5 (solos)
5:45 – Valentine Chest Opening
8:39 – Game #6 (solos)
8:47 – Game #7 (solos)
9:15 – Game #8 (solos)
9:46 – Game #9 (solos)
11:15 – Duos #1 w/ LegendaryJun
12:05 – Duos #2 w/ LegendaryJun
13:18 – Duos #3 w/ LegendaryJun
14:54 – Duos #4 w/ LegendaryJun
15:43 – Duos #5 w/ LegendaryJun
16:57 – Duos #6 w/ LegendaryJun
18:40 – Outro

Thanks for watching the video! :))

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  1. Heal gun nerf no wonder it healed me for only like 2 health

  2. Am i the only one who noticed it spelled ramdon instead of random

  3. Sorry im late. When ur finally better than ramdonnooby

  4. We've all gotta admit that this guy is better than all of us, even with these keybinds…

  5. Get a kill with every single fun in the game

  6. jun is big brain also congrats on 8k!

  7. Do a random skin challenge what ever skin you get do that raretiy color plz


  9. Thoughts on the Valentine Chest and what I got from the chest opening?
    Tell me below!

    If you want you can also try using the "RAMDONOOBY" keybinds in zombs royale!

    ShOUTOUT to Chen from discord for suggesting the video idea!

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