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Warzone Zombie Royale Gameplay! (No Commentary)

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Warzone Zombies Royale Gameplay! (No Commentary)
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  1. I love this Event and the Pumpkin Punisher. The Theme is awesome. Thank you very much for the Upload.😍👍

  2. Very good gameplay 👌. Not too fast paced and fit the theme!

  3. I miss this era of warzone. It was so much better.

  4. man I really liked this mode especially you playing seriously bring more videos like this this way

  5. I was playing this game 2020 at night and I was at zombies to bro I screamed I don't like jump scare

  6. Éramos felices y no lo sabiamos como hecho de menos verdansk y este evento ya que el de fantasmas de verdansk del 84 no me gustó.

  7. Those apparitions paired with the spooky environment was so good. I was totally immersed. Most of the horror games can't get it right. Props to devs

  8. This is my Favorite Halloween Verdansk video… Damn i miss so much Verdsank

  9. Zombies climbing a chopper ?
    And they had guns ?
    Why was our primary weapon fists as a zombie then ?

  10. Puta madre que hermosos se veía nuestro verdaks xc

  11. The music, the feeling, playing at night. Everything was so cool. I’d keep playing even if it wasn’t October, I would keep playing so much. I really feel sad thinking back, these awesome memories Halloween 2020 COD did for me. I miss this so much.

  12. 7:28 mannnn 😫 the song brings me the good chills of playing this, so hyped.

  13. Sending back to when warzone was good😭

  14. 🧟‍♀️ 🧟‍♂️ 🧟

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