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Warzone Zombie Royale Gameplay! (No Commentary)

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Warzone Zombies Royale Gameplay! (No Commentary)
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  1. Soy el unico español que le encantan tus videos?

  2. I wish cod lives a long lasting life after our gen too.

  3. I miss the good old cod warzone… Cold war ruined everything

  4. The ghost im only concers on the ghost😓😓😓

  5. I swear I Hope they bring this game play back. It was intense.

  6. Omg this looks fckin awesome!!
    Hope we can play it again this year

  7. THE best warzone LTM, period. Can't wait (or hopefully) for the return of this awesome game mode

  8. Never really watched much of this mode when it came out !

    Its verry creepy and i love the feel of it.

    I like that you played stealthy at first. 5:00

    shame you had no silenced weapon at first.

    looked like there might have been a few lying around tho.

    It seems essential for this mode.

    But i wish this mode wasnt only in october .
    Im assumung they will do it this year too for october lol

  9. i have a tip for you no annoying commentary
    when you are in a zombie warzone game don't go to the hospital.Take it from me bro.

  10. I love this Event and the Pumpkin Punisher. The Theme is awesome. Thank you very much for the Upload.😍👍

  11. Very good gameplay 👌. Not too fast paced and fit the theme!

  12. I miss this era of warzone. It was so much better.

  13. man I really liked this mode especially you playing seriously bring more videos like this this way

  14. I was playing this game 2020 at night and I was at zombies to bro I screamed I don't like jump scare

  15. Éramos felices y no lo sabiamos como hecho de menos verdansk y este evento ya que el de fantasmas de verdansk del 84 no me gustó.

  16. Those apparitions paired with the spooky environment was so good. I was totally immersed. Most of the horror games can't get it right. Props to devs

  17. This is my Favorite Halloween Verdansk video… Damn i miss so much Verdsank

  18. Zombies climbing a chopper ?
    And they had guns ?
    Why was our primary weapon fists as a zombie then ?

  19. Puta madre que hermosos se veía nuestro verdaks xc

  20. The music, the feeling, playing at night. Everything was so cool. I’d keep playing even if it wasn’t October, I would keep playing so much. I really feel sad thinking back, these awesome memories Halloween 2020 COD did for me. I miss this so much.

  21. 7:28 mannnn 😫 the song brings me the good chills of playing this, so hyped.

  22. Sending back to when warzone was good😭

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