West ZCL Event | 50% Win Ratio | ZombsRoyale - lorenzroxsoftware.com

West ZCL Event | 50% Win Ratio | ZombsRoyale

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  1. love your content!
    One question, how much ms do you get on west?

  2. 18:55 yo guys stay bottom play it safe

    Clouseu: haha silence scar go brrrrrr

  3. Its 12pm rn im in toilet nd watching this lmfao 😘😭

  4. Our squad got 3 wins in A but boy did you guys dominate 😐

  5. damn, atleast credit me for the thumbnail : (

  6. i got 3 ads this video good shit. glad to see your monetized

  7. I love solo squading comp 🙂

    Cuz I dont have friends

  8. Lol in the last game you guys dropped in front of a portal and then at 20:31 you ask for portal and everyone says forgets so quickly xd.

  9. I'm looking for one audition in 9 months 😡

  10. Gruggs can legit be a squad with randoms and win

  11. That last fight wuzmso intense I was vibrating through the entire thing.

    ( and laughing whenever u screwed up o those gassy bounces. (A lot))

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