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When You Finally Get Double Trident | ZombsRoyale.io

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  1. 2:00 i really feel bad for that kid he was having fun in zombs.. U EVIL

  2. Anyone else wonder who the 2 people that disliked this video are? Are they even real people?!

  3. Yooo ggs in d*1 getting 2 wins in tss my clan zynix droped abt 4-6 wins i think but i won the one where we just cleaned everyone

  4. find two tridents is the best loock of the world

    only that the dude got killed by the gas 2 secs later i got the 2nd trident

  6. zonlinx makes me chilled
    just so chill his videos

  7. I got 2 tridents in zombies. Biggest disappointment in my life

  8. idk why but it kinda annoys me when theres a better rarity of a weapon but u dont pick it up… i mean why???

  9. Once I got 2 tridents in superpowers and I had full power I was dominating

  10. is it just me or dose it kinda look like zonlinx gets happy then he spins faster

  11. When you get double trident you won the game

  12. İ found the Trident but a third partier… Yea sadge

  13. ZonLinx I was the one tht got u to 2K subscribers 🐐☝🏽

  14. Here lies the last video zonlinx will ever post….

  15. Bro ur spinning more than my fidget spinner

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