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When you get Godly Powers in ZombsRoyale.io

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  1. here is how u know you're a pro: u can defeat a person with a epic using an uncommon gun

  2. at the beggining of the game he missed a purple smg btw if anyone wanna play with me i have 330 wins and 10 000+ kills my name is TwitchNaglistheboss#8511

  3. You are best player of zombs royale i saw ever!

  4. I thought they removed mythic pump, am i being lied to again?

  5. OMG He says LIgma if you 2:14 and presss 2 over and over again ul well see he says it

  6. Lol i was playing in the same time and when i got a top 1 well you got a top 1 LOL

  7. Add me in zombs @ zombskiddoTTV3745 pls play with me I’m rly good

  8. Me when the when the when how the the when the whe says:

    man why weren't you getting the miniguns? they are great for rapid fire.

  9. Oh my god!!! He used the uncommon when he had a legendary!

  10. Tip pic up the nades and don’t use a common ak 47 over a that other gun

  11. Ah the good ol' days when there was mythic m4 and mythic pumps

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