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Why I Quit Playing Zombs Royale

Sirius M
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  1. when he bouta stream again??!?!!!?!!??!?!?!

  2. Αντώνης Παναγιωτίδης says:

    can you give me your zombsroyale acount pls???

  3. Whatever game Videos u post I’ll watch em as long as your commentary and editing style doesn’t change

  4. 😥 İ wıll watch Cooly and UnlegandaryNoob They Playing Nice

  5. Heh, the good old days. Edit: The Zombs community has really died out over the months I feel the same way about the game.

  6. Keep playing apex or play Fortnite you would be good at Fortnite and if you grow off games like those you’ll be better off in the long haul

  7. thats a good desicion but u mught loose a lot of subs because a lot of people wanna watch your zombs royale

  8. Do u guys have any games to recommend to me?

  9. if ur gonna stop posting zr I have an idea for ur last 2 vids, you should post a slightly longer vod of getting your milestone in wins, and then maybe do a finale vid like a montage or something

  10. This game is garbage but it's fun to watch with a good YouTube like you

  11. This game hard carried me in 7th/8th grade, sad it died lol.

  12. I know I haven't commented in a while since I was too lazy to but I hope you find success playing other games in the future!

  13. I remember finding you in the earlier days and you were so entertaining to watch, gotta respect your decision to leave Zombs, at least you'll still be having fun playing other games!

  14. Im OLD player im watching you 2 3 years ur Best im not playing 5 years ago

  15. I will miss u good luck
    On your games have fun

  16. says hes so bad while hes flicking and spining/sweating

  17. Whatever video you upload we will keep supporting you!

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