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Why I Twerked For A ZombsRoyale Clan…

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Why this ZombsRoyale gaming streamer twerked on stream…
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Twitch and YouTube live streaming have been growing. Especially for game / games stream. One of these games that streamers have been playing is Zombs Royale. Many people try to find tips and tricks ZombsRoyale or tips and tricks Zombs Royale but I decided to make a deal with SkRt Cooly ZombsRoyale and it ended terribly but very funny and comedy. Livestream was insane and many funny clip / clips came out of it. These are the ZombsRoyale highlights from the stream highlights.

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  1. Was my singing of Ice Spice at the end of the video 🔥or🗑

  2. Poison a major mistake u made was calling cooly a famous youtuber

  3. upload more and u will be btter than cooly and unleganday nob combned no english cant spell LMAO

  4. excuse me.. i didnt GIVE you my permission to use my NAME… imma copyright strike this.. goodbye

  5. Man made a whole detailed video on about him twerking on stream for 4 seconds 💀

  6. skrt finally doing something productive in the zombs royale community

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