Winning Events… but I’m mobile | Zombs Royale -

Winning Events… but I’m mobile | Zombs Royale

ZR Snake
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2nd to last video of the year


  1. even tho i dont play anymore its so interesting to watch u play

  2. I have a kinda weird question but do you play lying down or sitting?

  3. Noce i don't know how your so cracked on mobile

  4. yo bro where did you get your phone case it’s clean

  5. Yo Snake. Weren't you Rpg.snake? I was rpg.skyclapper I think, 1 year ago but then my touchpad broke so I couldnt play for a year. You probably won't remember me but I was the one to ask you to edit my video but they you couldn't pass it on though your computer because of the circumstances and you can't give the hard drive because there was covid. Btw what happened to Rpg? Oh yeah I made an Coca Cola can with Rpg clan on it. Wait, didn't you judge me if I was a legendary, epic, rare, uncommon, or common. You know, tryouts for the clan? I also remember Rpg.bungbeds. you probably wont see this. Can you also help with editing videos? but yeah that is probably not going to work.

  6. the intro and music kinda remined me of leadbraw

  7. We all know mobile competitive player are op. Ur nice player 😀

  8. I still don’t understand how u can do this on mobile

  9. please zombs not open Since yesterday. Says 0% im mobile pleaseee 😭😭😭😭

  10. so we gonna do ignore how the semi was on beat with the beat 😂

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