Winning Events Compilation | Zombs Royale -

Winning Events Compilation | Zombs Royale

ZR Snake
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  1. Okay, So when I was re-watching this when uploading it to YouTube I realize in the beginning it just says mobile event game when the last game is Zombs west wars which is a PC event so forgive me for that mistake lol

  2. Very good video. Also are you monetized on YouTube yet?

  3. what is your biggest event win on mobile, mines is 4 zwl games on mb, but with pc player

  4. When u won the last game of mmm bro my game was laggy

  5. They need to see who is the best mobile player, would be so entertaining

  6. and also is it just me or is the tac avoid legit in front of our eyes

  7. Bro how do u spin like that on mobile that’s impressive like ur vids

  8. Tbh you make zombs Royale seem fun again whenever I watch your videos

  9. Zr Snake do you remember me bigchungus gaming i was one of your first subs

  10. I just realised that the quality is better than my eyes

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