World's TOP 5 BEST Trackpad Players in Zombs Royale! -

World’s TOP 5 BEST Trackpad Players in Zombs Royale!

Frozone ZR
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So basically, Swinzino made a video that angered a lot of trackpad players (including me) who believed they were better then Snow, “the worlds best trackpad player” according to Swinzino. This is just to put everything into context and provide a side by side comparison.

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  1. im trackpad and ive dominated half of these people on the list.. Im a trackpad player

  2. Most of these players play Mac so it's not that hard. However players like Sn!p3z play trackpad on a chromebook and still shit's on everyone so I think he rightfully deserves to be on this list.

  3. I am a trackpad player and I think I am on top 3

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