wtf i'm the best that ever lived? (Zombs Royale) -

wtf i’m the best that ever lived? (Zombs Royale)

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Zombs Royale is available here:

This came from my stream on January 5th, 2021. Catch me live Monday to Friday here:

Zombs Royale is a game that it’s easy to cynical about…but there’s nothing cynical about the dopamine coursing through your veins when you’re in the final circle with someone who’s probably hopped up on square pizza from the school cafeteria.


  1. Wait till next stream…when he still has it open

  2. Can't believe Zombs actually made it to YouTube

  3. NL posting Zombs on YT? You already know it’s gonna be pogged

  4. the man the myth the legend has returned to reclaim his thrown

  5. Win 1: WHAT!? I'M THE GREATEST!
    Win 2, back to back: Well, yeah, duh…

  6. Hello Ryan! I want to contact you soon, becauce I will be writting bachelor's thesis about speedrunning in games. As a new member to super mario 64 speedrunners and truly my everyday hero, it would be great if you'll find some time. Cheers!

  7. can't believe this came from a stream from jan 5th 2021 a year old worth of content huh

  8. I mean, you played rlly bad lol and just spammed but whatever

  9. The analytics on this one are gonna be pure trash

  10. Northernlion: “I’ve got some Hackusations right now”. Continues to wipe entire lobby in 30 seconds 😂

  11. I remember your K/D in Reach eggman, tread lightly you friggin noobl0rd

  12. Let’s gooo Zombs royale again, look at my Chanel I post zombsroyale too lol 😃😃😃

  13. Dang man the binding of super auto people 2 looking kinda cracked huh? Thanks for the company brother

  14. He only moved these VODs over because he got the royale loool

  15. You can just go to snipping tool without print screening it

  16. Ryan and Kate seem like very attentive parents but the fact they're kinda fed up with her is kinda disconcerting.

  17. I can watch this video with just audio and get the same enjoyment from it. That’s how good the banter is.

  18. No way your playing this game, I've played since season 2. Lol

  19. bro i remenber playing this game when i was like 9 at skool bro

  20. The SM64 speedrunning is helping him with his button input, movement, and reflexes

  21. He probably be reported for school shooting for the amount of kids he killed in this game.

  22. Muhammed is the only best who has every lived my friend. i use this video station to understand english but i am not watching anymore my friend. you have cross the line

  23. im rlly happy someone with a lot of views and big actually played this game, its getting forgotten lol

  24. Please do not underrate the quality of the Description.

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