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xQc Plays Zombs Royale #1

xQc Gaming
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  1. mad funnyy when they both reported the mf who was just good at the game lmao

  2. If only he played when the game was still alivebro wasn't even cheating. in fact he aint even that good casual new player LMAOsearch up unlegendarynoob or smth

  3. I was literally thinking about that he should play this a couple days ago, the simulation theory is real

  4. this was such a POGGERS video wow! i loved seeing you play this game

  5. bro is shit at io games AINTNOWAY

  6. They should think about realeasing this game on steam or epic games store or something. It will run smoother and the delay won't be there.

  7. when the deep calls we must always answer because the deep holds the key to our salvation.

  8. i like when he plays games like this. also that Ikea battle royale game

  9. ive never seen someone so ass that they report in zombs ☠

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