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xQc Plays Zombs Royale #3

xQc Gaming
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  1. He so trash I feel bad for him and he's only cursing

  2. 1:30 I’m not fucking dumb… Immediately gasses himself in game 💀

  3. Diary Log day 4 (flmqn): it’s been many eves since I’ve had the juice. My legs ache and I fear that I cannot move any longer. When I close my eyes I hear my juicers voice. Every 10 minutes I check the news to make sure my glorious juicer has not passed away. I am in a state of limbo. May he stream soon

  4. Poke:" you are like the smartest guy I know"
    🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂 Comedy gold right there

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