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ZCC S7 Clan Squads RELEASE – Zombs Royale

ZombsRoyale Highlights
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Thursday 5/18/19 Stream Highlights from Squads Scrims & Gradual Bracket Release


Streamer: NASA*
Editor: PoisonRain

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  1. Can i join a tournament if so please reply the code.

  2. Guys tell yang or sela or idk who for adding leaderboards for clans ??thats will be awesome

  3. No one:
    ZCC: VG Nasa getting knocked

    great video!

  4. Nice video 😛
    Best highlights and player montage channel ^^ ! 👍

  5. Hey nasa I dmd you and you didnt respond. Im the guy who wants to edit your videos

  6. Dang bro I need a new clan anybody got one I can join

  7. Why isn’t SP in here btw, weren’t they in S6

  8. What about ss putting 2 teams? I don't understand

  9. Vg win S 3,4,5,6
    Pls who win S 1 and 2

  10. 2:21 XDXDXD When SS loses the first game after 6 winning streak

  11. | |: We gonna win this!!
    [VG]:But we have NASA!
    | |: Ah shit, here we go again!!

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