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ZenTorrS x NoRespectZR | Highlights | ZombsRoyale.io

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ZenTorrS x NoRespectZR

– Memories !


  1. Heliozentrismus oder Kopernikanismus – die Theorie des Aufbaus des Sonnensystems, in dem die Sonne sein Zentrum ist und alle Planeten – einschließlich der Erde – sie umkreisen. In einigen historischen Varianten dieser Theorie wurde die Sonne auch als Zentrum des gesamten Universums, als bewegungsloser Körper betrachtet

  2. First of all, you have an incredible amount of natural talent. You seem to have an innate understanding of the game mechanics and are able to execute complex strategies with ease. Your reflexes are lightning-fast, and you always seem to be one step ahead of your opponents.

    But talent alone isn't enough to make you the best player in the game. You also have an incredible work ethic and a dedication to improving your skills. You spend countless hours practicing and honing your abilities, and you're always looking for new ways to challenge yourself and push your limits.

    Another thing that sets you apart is your ability to stay calm and focused under pressure. Even in the most intense and high-stakes situations, you're able to keep a level head and make smart decisions. This is a rare and valuable skill that not many players possess.

    Finally, you have an infectious love for the game that inspires others around you. You're always willing to help out newer players and share your knowledge and expertise. Your enthusiasm and positivity make the game more fun for everyone involved.

    All of these factors combined make you the best player in the game, in my opinion. Keep up the amazing work, and I look forward to seeing all the incredible things you'll accomplish in the future!

  3. what a combo NR x zen what a return what great zombers and what a great video

  4. bro thanks so much pls do more of these they are SOOO satisfying especially with the colour effects and motion blur

    its turns me on ;)))

  5. 9:46 bro how u hit that shot that confidently like u knew u were hitting that u know excactly where he would go from that impulse damn

    prolly not prolly luck but still wtf

  6. Boah, haat es auf meine pages geachaft 😂,, respect". Naja schönes video aber deine clips jaben gefehlt ❤

  7. Yo can i use this video for background footage in one of my videos? ill put ur name at the start its just for some background footage since its mostly just talking and this video will keep it entertaining 🙂

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