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ZenTorrS | Zombs Royale Edit | Hollow

ZenTorrS Gaming
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Made with Assets4U assets (Paint’s Map-remakes lel):

Done in a day, had to rush this because didn’t have any time. Not Hollow’s clips lol.
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  1. Jw how long did this take to eidt

  2. ur pumping out some quality content at such a fast rate

  3. pfff i dont even have internet

  4. u should start making montages for people charging like £10 cuz holy

  5. even the song can tell that this is gonna be iicecapp number 2

  6. I thought it was an edit for hollow lol 😂

  7. I m your 100th Like . Nice edits

  8. i watched whole thing thinking it was hollow lmao

  9. ik u made this in a day but I think u forgot to make the retime controls optical flow cause the retime is a bit skippy if u know what I mean

  10. the music was not good. some weirdo "ah ah ah" moaning but the edits were god

  11. u give me my monthly dose of eye ligma, and as we discussed before that's not a bad thing

  12. When zentorrs uploads u know it's a little one so I get my popcorn

  13. plot twist: zen never edited any of his edits, it’s all edited by some crackhead that zen gave drug’s to

  14. honestly maybe its done in a day but its probably my favorite edit ever lol ;o

  15. pwease do editing tutorialssssssssssssssssssssss

  16. I made my own hollow edit but its so hard to remake this edit.. idk how you do it

  17. who else thought this would be a hollow edit

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