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ZenTorrS | Zombs Royale | Highlights 5

ZenTorrS Gaming
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Thumbnail by Zecrow 🙂

ZenTorrS Zombs royale.io Highlights 5
Songs: 1. Lil tjay – F.N / 2. Polo G & Lil tjay – Pop out


  1. 6:04 2 people left, you kill the guy and the game is still going on??

  2. danm what is there to say? You're overpowered zr Player … Obviously Zentorrs not just the best EUROPE player he's just the best player overall in ZR just in general.

  3. wtf I don't understand how you hit so many of these clips

  4. finally anoting zombs with polo g music lets gooooooo

  5. bro my name is jester and u really pro

    i says how ???

  6. is it weird that i only remember eu players names because i remember them from zentorrs clips lol

  7. BRO wtf is this u so pro smfh are u even human or something ur so good, it's always 🔥
    One of ur clips is better then all of min combined omfg 😲

  8. broooo y u bully me it was 2am and u were playing with hollow lmaoaoao i was like hi zen

  9. Alternative title : 6 minute 31 seconds of destroying honor Memebers

  10. didnt i comment on dis wtf
    awesome clips loved it
    u just clap everyone , unreal switches

  11. I gave 2 hours of watchtime from this vid. Insane

  12. some of these clips like hit on my soul it’s hard to explain but it’s a great feeling insane video and nice clips

  13. how do you play with 100 ms?? you are too strong!!

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