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ZenTorrS | Zombs Royale | Highlights 6

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Last highlights for a longer time since I’m gonna be taking a break from ZR, YT and Discord because of vacation and school… I will start uploading again once I return and this game didn’t die yet xD.

Thumbnail by English the goat go sub:

1. Satori Zoom – L.A. Drift
2. Satori Zoom – Lock Out
3. Lil Skies – Magic
4. 21 Savage – Bank Account

Cya! Have a great Summer 😀


  1. husky being killed like : defo not tryna snipe u every game zen 😉

  2. please tell me how many times in this vid did husky got clapped???

  3. Poor invictus he is suffering whole video

    5:30 is not a clip its just suicide, do not count it.

  4. I've been waiting for the next Zentorrs highlights and here it is. And I've also been blessed with 12:14 seconds of godly plays

  5. Weird question but how to get clips like what button u press to get clips if u don't understand I mean if we record what button should we press to save clips

  6. This mans is insane he runs his game better than me while he’s recording 😂

  7. 6:30 my man spinned So much that He forgot to shoot lmao. Anyways… as always really nice highlights.

  8. Invictus and Top got clipped so many times i thought this was a collab lmao

  9. How r u so good at editing with Davinci resolve 17

  10. We just listened to half this mans playlist 😂

  11. If I saw this player coming at me with impulse and grenade I no im screwed

  12. Someone Who uses $atori POGGGGG(Amazing vid tho dam)

  13. the guy who sang this is chinese and he said gs in the hood westside LMAOAJINHUBYSCUDIHBNJID

  14. =next edit when }={ azeYla:::""""""""""""""""""" nah fr when next video

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