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ZenTorrS | Zombs Royale | Highlights 7

ZenTorrS Gaming
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Idk about some clips, best are in the last part.
EU Scrims server:
Honor Community:

Songs: 1. Life goes on – Oliver Tree, 2. Heat Waves – Glass Animals, 3.


  1. 1:55
    i rly dont know how he bounce naded so fast wtf

    zen is the real GOAT

  2. world strongest player i dont want him to play with me in solo

  3. i cant join ur EU scrims server 🙁 can you say why?

  4. good playing! you pro ZenTorrS Gaming good good very good…

  5. This is why you should never copy Zentorrs' name

  6. I would have seen this video about 56 times u r best switches no words song … OooooO pp

  7. If you have macro, you already know you are winning the game

  8. Yea, the best zr player in world, no debate🐐

  9. bro that is the main reason why i join hnr so i can be good like him in zombs!

  10. I made a montage of these check it out! (Cred goes ofc to zentorrs too)

  11. how do u get this GOOD at this game i need tips asap. ur GODLY

  12. please do final highlights idc how long it'll be ur my idol

  13. Finally a montage that actually focuses on skill of the game and not the edits

  14. I play this game for like 2 yrs and i know – u are probably best zombs royale player

  15. I watch this video 70 times and still watching it!!!!!!!!

  16. Literally one of the most dominant players in zombs history. I have been playing since season 3 and yet im not able to achieve this caliber of skill shown in these clips. Even if this is a few months old its still incredible seeing how these clips are hit one by one. Satisfying for sure.

  17. Dang bro these tricksters faster than my dad left me and that surprising

  18. how are so good and how you have 2000 subs

  19. pot8o killed me probably 1274182937487218 times bro

  20. how do u look back and fast hit player??

  21. your cognitive ability with frag grenades is too good

  22. Zentorrs is the only one who would even dare to do a trick shot in a 2v1 event

  23. Are u good to sell your zr acc for 50€ tell me ur dc

  24. Ummmmmmm. I don't even know what to say 😱

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