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ZenTorrS | Zombs Royale | Highlights 8

ZenTorrS Gaming
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Thanks to all of you for supporting me to achieve such an incredible amount of subscribers! Here it finally is, after more than 5 months of waiting I finally got myself to edit this and obtain over 130 clips after coming back to zr.

EU Scrims server where I and other known eu people actively host scrims:

1.: Tyler, The Creator – New Magic Wand
2.: Tyler, The Creator – Igor’s Theme
3.: Pop Smoke – Scenario
4.: Pop Smoke & Juice WRLD – Swervin ft. NLE Choppa, NBA YoungBoy (Prod. by Last-Dude)


Reupload yes…


  1. zentorrezz proving he doesnt need to overedit to impres.

  2. where are u, did u lose ur dc acc or something

  3. I got killed by this guy and went to his youtube lmao

  4. zentorrs can i add u on discord?? pls ilysm u the best ong id love to be in ur serverr

  5. wtf, if hes this good he prob has like 3ms and 1000fps lol

  6. ive been watching for over 2 years…… i dont understand how you can keep getting better

  7. nice vid bro

    15:50 but no way u clipped that, u really used all ur clips to do this vid

  8. The legend arrives but leaves honor:'(..Ur nade bounces havent chnged though still better….everyone zentorrs back with new pc

  9. The sun kid got violated 😂 tried so much times.

  10. Ur the one really inspires me to play the best and what do you use to edit

  11. your switches got a hell lot cleaner. never thought that you could imrove on smth but apparently you can. keep up the goodwork. congrats on 2k you deserve it

  12. POV noice , i tried all of your nades, impulses, revpulses tricks and succeeded in it but still trying to flick like u

  13. gggs bro the best highlight zentorrs

  14. OMG DUDE u are so insane, and The fact that you made so much effort on it.

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