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ZenTorrS | Zombs Royale | Highlights 9

ZenTorrS Gaming
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  1. when u watch this ur zr self esteem is gone

  2. How do you do that combo lol (I mean shotgun sniper primary)

  3. the legend returns

    but are you going to keep uploading like this forever?

  4. Seen u in game but before I can ask for a 1v1 I’m already dead 😂. How do I participate in your door fights?

  5. click the vid straight away when i saw it on my recommendation page
    insane highlights as always 🔥

  6. been a while since zt zen icl idk how this game is alive

  7. Are you monetized yet? Because you should of the quality of highlights

  8. It's so unfair for the other kids. This should be considered bullying at this point with how good you are XD. Also, if I still played this game, I would love to 1v1 you. Kinda need a challenge ngl

  9. zentorrs = doorfight god, who could be better?

  10. how do you make your clips motion blurred pls tell me i want it like that

  11. yo
    we want 1v1 from parllex
    AND For me ur the best

  12. I was the guy you killed at 6:12 tbh i was lagging alot but nice vids bro 🙂

  13. I have been killed by this guy multiple times now and came to his channel XD

  14. Which Highlights r u gonna stop at or r u gonna carry on making them?

  15. bro w highlights zen keep it up👍😉


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