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Zombs Royale – 10 God chest Opening (2000 Sub Special)

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Thanks for 2000 Subscirbers!
Thanks to RedAlpha for the Thumbnail!
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  1. Have a look on my Zombs Royale Edit at my channel…

  2. RIP Kitsune, I really want it but I'm broke, feelsbad

  3. U waist a lot of money for bullshit dude look outside other people need that money for food and I are just waiting it on bullshit

  4. Consolino#8144
    Unfriend him please he pissed me off this whole video

  5. Lol you know how your a good zr youtuber if you have more likes than dislikes only 1 disliked

  6. Who else noticed that at the beginning he was at 98 and at the end he was at 97

  7. who wishes for the battle pass you get 180 instead of just 80 beacuse then you have to buy more gems

  8. can you make publicity for zombsdeadz pls

  9. why sometimes 98 level and sometimes 97

  10. Bro can you add me on zombs My user is Magic#2973 we can play duos

  11. Nice, wish you got more mythics tho.

  12. Zombs gaming your better then greg😎

  13. I played a match with you !!!!!😲

  14. i am 1 more subscriber before hiting 100 subscribers

    pls if your reading this support me

  15. we should play some time vro i play with zombsgaming

  16. add me! I am season 0 Player!!!!! SpinatXDGollum#9491

  17. I want to play with you! You are the best. I'm good, but not like you. My ID: ersirgil#7880. Please!

  18. Cooles Video und Glückwunsch zu den 2000 subs
    Wir müssen mal Duo spielen

  19. Maby u can do a livestream on zombsroyale. Then u can do playing with subs❤️

  20. Do you still play if you don’t can I have account

  21. Hope u still have lots of gems spirit and nice job with the videos bro

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