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Zombs Royale – 10 Tips on Winning Solos

[VG] Seijo
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Hello guys it’s ya boi Seijo with another video. So here is my 100 subs special video guys. Here is our discord invite link:

1 – Settings – Client

Try not to play from the zombsroyale.io website but install discord and use the Zombs Royale client for a better performance and FPS. Also, if your PC is REALLY bad, you could try doing [CTRL] + [+/-] (zoom out/zoom in shortcuts) for adjusting the quality. [CTRL] + [+] will result in a SIGNIFICANT performence difference.

2 – The time you play your games

It’s better when you play your games in late hours, or early hours. Because there is less people in the lobby meaning easy wins.

3 – Landing

Of course landing is very important when it comes to winning. Try jumping into the far corners of the map, resulting in a better loot and less threat of enemies.

4 – Practice your aim

Aiming is VERY important when it comes to winning games. You could practice your aim by playing more games, and going for the kills everytime. Playing aggressively results in more practice, meaning better aim over time.

5 – Be patient

It’s important to be aggressive in certain situations, but over-aggressive playing can sometimes be bad. Avoid fighting in crowded fights.

6- Use punch while walking

This is VERY important. Using your melee weapon while walking makes you walk faster. This is very important in some situations.

7- go for airdrops

Opening the airdrops can give you a huge advantage. Go for the trident/hammer/? as well.

10- keybinds

You can try changing your keybinds if you are not confident with the default ones. It can be very helpful because it helps you switch faster.

9- use grenades
Using the grenades can be very important. Especially the impulse and the anti-impulse grenades usually give you a big advantage when it comes to 1v1 fights. Collect as much as you can.

10 – Position well

I will make a video about this one soon. Stay tuned!

11 – Loadout

BONUS: spin if you want to play like a pro 🙂


  1. Thx SEIJO for doing this video, I think I suggested that in ur clan ( which everyone should go in right now!!) . You are the best

  2. Also, thanks my dear friend Westminster for helping me in this video. Huge thanks West <3

  3. does spinning actually help or are u trolling?

  4. My solo grinding is at 4am USW. Average lobby 45 members.

  5. Spin lmao. So true. Us sweats no that too well

  6. Im good player but alll time happen with me glitch 😢😢😭

  7. i subscribed. does this mean we get complicated video 😀

  8. Yo how would I stop the little bit of lag I have on mobile

  9. When you flash words up on the screen, they go to fast so it’s hard to read. Just make them a second longer

  10. practicing spinning really helps for being aggressive and to free up that lazy wrist for sniping lol

  11. Also, if you are pc, change your DPU speed (how fast the mouse Moves) to your liking. This way you can feel comfortable when shooting at other enemies.

  12. My man out here using music from 4 years ago and used it

    Still as good as the old day

  13. Love it, maybe next time give us a bit more time to see your words !

  14. instead of custimizing ur loadout cant u just use ur scrool wheel

  15. thanking you for your advise and helping me ¨not be a NOOB¨ u rock man

  16. Spin to win.why u are not uploading? U quit zr ?

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