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Zombs Royale – 17 Kill Solo Win with Mythic AK

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  1. Did I kill you twice yesterday?
    The name was ATZombsGaming but it might have been a fake
    Nice vid btw

  2. Hey you killed me but not in that vid my name was "Abricabatorquenter" Im happy idk why :D. But now I am ATKantra

  3. Let's just take a minute and remind ourselves that we are watching someone that will be the best in Zombs Royale

  4. pls kill me

    Zombs Gaming shoots me with a mythic ak (only discord members understand this)

  5. 2:02 this makes me so mad especially when it's a fast moving zone😖

  6. Hey zombs gaming I’m one of your biggest fans I was wondering if you can do a game with me my name is geogibou#5365 and I’m kinda bad anyways thx

  7. Zombsgaming I wanna play w u so bad plz add me KGCoZy#3340 🙂

  8. Um reminder mythic AK is op atm it does 20 dmg per hpit

  9. No flicks but still a good vid subdue pls Zoocblitz#7786

  10. Debroderick#3481 nice vids love them all keep going🙏

  11. all mythic guns iss kinda far like example it goes to space base to haunted and if you drop to the farthest place well i dont know maybe and nice vid though🙂🙂

  12. ZombsGaming we play ZombsRoyale please

  13. why is the ar-15 good it does less damage than the scar and m4

  14. And I’ve only had one 17+ kill game ever and that’s just you playing casually

  15. Yo bro u killed me aha my name was djezza747 aha I thought I would search u

  16. Its a wepon i thought it was my friends grandma's pickaxe

  17. I feel bad for the 2 videos I posted that I killed you in plz forgive

  18. You killed one with bolt. NO DISOBEYING THE VIDEO TITLE

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