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Zombs Royale – 17 KILLS P90 Only Challenge

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  1. I am 13th i like ZombsGaming 🙂

  2. nice dude i sent u a friend request my name is VG-Wahid

  3. Do one house challenge loot only one house

  4. Unique gun only challenge(mini gun, rubber gun, goo gun)

  5. Do a video on teaching how to properly use impulses

  6. Can I play with u plz I’m a pro to highest kill ever is 18

  7. Not in dis vid tho… u where wearing a no skin!

  8. Do u want to play with mr tnt zombs. Pls just tell me if u have heard of his channel. If not, be sure to check it out.

  9. Can you play with me on zombies royle put on friend request NimgaGod104#4162

  10. I did the challenge and won but I was a bush camper most of the game👌.

  11. Awesome game play and I’ve always loved the p90 ❤️❤️

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