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Zombs Royale 1v1| LegendaryJun vs. ramdonooby

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Hi guys! In this video, we will be 1v1ing LegendaryJun! Hope you enjoy and please subscribe and watch my other videos!
LegendaryJun’s Youtube Channel:


  1. U used to play with me on Zombs my name was jjwalk but I got a new account

  2. we need to 1v1!!! please add me discord so we can set it up :pog:


  3. i wanna 1v1 my discord tag is Apollo#1298

  4. HELLO !!! you are playing well. I thought we could have a nice match together as an opponent. my name is FRFRF # 9931.

    step in the game, I would be glad if we play together as an opponent | g3.

  5. I love the naaaaaaaaa from legendaryJun I love itttt:)

  6. plz 1v1 me RGC|wooby|-_-#6949 that is my discord add me

  7. Hi randomnooby.
    If possible could you link the Juice Zombs Royale server?

  8. i wish icould get o shout out that is all i want 🙁

  9. i no that nobody will see this but whoever does can you pls subscribe to me btw im not a bot

  10. are you guys like friends irl I have always wondered?

  11. great vid hope to see u upload soon we love u 😀

  12. Ramdomnooby i wass the bot i protended to be a bot i knew it wass you lol

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