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Zombs Royale 1v1 | Sirius M VS Durant35 (3 Games)

Sirius M
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We alternated East and West either killing the player to get the point or if the opponent died and the other won it would point best out of 3.

Quick plays had to be involved in order to survive such a beast of a player 😉


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  1. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahshahshhsgagahahahahahahahahhhahahahahsh pin this

  2. I just got new internet and played 3 games. I became jesus

  3. Sirus Ms Upload schedule: I wOnDeR hOw aJtHeBoLdS wAlLeT fEeLs LiKe

  4. I say your last stream and it was a blast👌😘

  5. Ggs man. I choked hard and Heal Gun is broken that one game

    Rematch when?

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