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Zombs Royale 1v1v1 | LegendaryJun vs. Samurai vs. ramdonooby

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Hi guys! In this video, we will be doing a 1v1v1 with my friends LegendaryJun and Samurai! Please subscribe and watch my other videos!

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  2. WTF? this says the LTM is weapon race but it actually is Protect The V.I.P rn

  3. Bruh juns rapping skills r worse than samurai snipea🤣

  4. Jun 1v1 me already I’m noobie Avalon noobie

  5. I like how Jun is calling y’all bad but I reversed nade Him then I deagled him

  6. Hmu when y’all trynna run a 1v1v1v1

    Discord: Abyss | WiZ#8077

  7. i was playing a regular game and i came across you random nooby, once you killed me you said i was bad. i was mad AND sad. the next round i trickshot you twice and killed you. eventually that told me 3 things about you. 1 your mean to your community. 2 your toxic. 3 i could probally beat you in a 1v1 also. if you wondering who you killed, my name was Az | Alex 446088.

  8. Are we watching a bunch of 9 year olds at zr?

  9. Can u add me Pls im a fan FaiqtheNinja#9056

  10. Sooo… this is who I die to sweaty 9 year olds who r toxic?

  11. Hey, I have some tips for you to play better. First off as a technical tip, try to keep your cursor closer to your character model. It allows you to flick fast and have more control over your aim, and most importantly, it allows you to spin faster. Also, in that first match, you had 8 impulses. If you are confident enough, you could impulse him out of the house and pump him for the clips. The smarter move would've as he left, snipe him, and then impulse him back farther into the storm. You could just hit him into the storm constantly until he died. Also, as you're spraying your AR, a trick you could do to maximize your damage is to, while spraying, quickly switch to your shotgun to get a quick hit off, and then move back to the AR, spray a little more and then shotgun him again. In the third game, you had a winning position and loadout. You had Samurai pinned against the storm and house, so you could've thrown a nade or two over there and to the random to deal massive amounts of damage. Since the circle is so small, it would've been near impossible to miss. I've noticed that in intense final circle or pinches, you start to choke and forget what you have. Hope you get better! If you want to add me, it's agsuh#6376

  12. when can you friend me on discord? and I am sad bc u have been ignoring my comments when I have already subbed to you 🙁

  13. Hi bro ur good it would be cool if we could run some duos my tag is ionlycarry#3668 if u dont then that's ok but u have awesome vids keep up the good work

  14. Nice video!
    Could u give your discord I'd I want ask something lol

  15. @randonooby 1v1 me add me on Zr at DR4YGON#7761

  16. I dont like the winner he is toxic calles people trash. Then when he " lags " he refuses he is trash. Sure tho.

  17. Hey it’s me the one who killed u in Zombs royal

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