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Zombs Royale | 2 Intense Games In Mystery Mode

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  1. How does he only have 7k subs he should have 1,000,000+

  2. I killed you two times and I thought you were fake so I comment in Zombs YT

  3. Not to hate or anything but I realized that he only shows himself winning

  4. samuju i play and im a pro but your the best out of all of us!

  5. 9:40
    Samaju: No! I wanted to pickaxe him😭

  6. That time where you clear a fourth if the server

  7. Yo majuro it's I|D3LET3 here I never knew u had a YouTube channel love the content and keep carrying me in duos

  8. ehh samaju is ok… lol he is better then chosen, top, blump, spirit, viper, melhi, leadbraw, PPSlayer, caboose, unlegendarynoob, sportgamer, and a few more hundred players!

  9. U should try versing unlegendarynoob! I have a good feeling that U would win! 🙂

  10. You were a little mean on that day, weren't you?😉😂

  11. How do you make it so it’s no so blurry

  12. whats your favorite weapon in Mystery Mode🤔

  13. You left so many potions and med kits behind and most of the time you ran around with barely shield and health…
    it seemed most of the time you were just lucky to meet bots and smartphone players

  14. imagine not using the same song for every vid, sleeper content bro

  15. vg samaju can you play with me zombs royal in request at dew # 2241

  16. samaju-_- plase you only scar ok?

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