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Zombs Royale | 2 Intense Games In Superpowers

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  1. Why is my notfis just got. When there is 21 hour earlier comments

  2. samaju plz en tu proximo video po este copyrhygt ok: Breackdawn NCS o the world away NCS

  3. Nice vidéo,can you see my new vieo, you are in my new video thx

  4. I just started watching his vids and they are amazing. I wish I could play with him. lol, like that will happen.

  5. Hey samaju games can u make a video of you playing with random players

  6. Bro, soy el de omegle, escríbeme

  7. I did not know you still play this game I don't remember the last time you posted

  8. When I started ZombsRoyale, the first thing I did was subscribe to him as a zr youtuber

  9. I never saw samaju go up against a sweat in casual gameplay. Is he even good?

  10. Samaju beat the sweat cos he had a weapon that can do 33 damage

  11. I had full hp and he still. Kill me but how? I guess he's Good told you.

  12. nobody:
    Zr youtubers:
    nO vEcToR sPaM
    also them: has a smg with them the whole time xD.

  13. Samaju: killing sweats easily

    Me seeing him: sweating in real life

  14. Love him ive playing in THE same game as him yo hes op sub like right know Also like it

  15. U left the dragonauv for that crappy sniper also idk if I spelled that right

  16. Another Legend of zombs we lost but won’t forget

  17. when ever i hear that music i think captain sauce lmao

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