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Zombs Royale – 22 Kills | Mystery Mode Snipers

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Mystery Mode is one of my favourite modes beside superpower
Wish it would stay for longer tbh :3
Sorry for the lack of ZR videos too

Track: Spektrum & Sara Skinner – Keep You [NCS Release]
Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds.
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  1. 3:41

    Season 2?

    Plus the last one wasn’t a sniper kill so 21 kills


  2. love ur vids
    thing is
    my favourite mode was crystal clash
    but they removed it 🙁

  3. Hey Chosen! Thanks for the heart from before on the Pistol Only Challenge! I tried it too and made a video! If you can friend me and play at least one duos game with me it could help me grow my channel so much and if you are even reading this, thanks for your time! I Love You!

  4. How much damage does the mythic bolt action do?

  5. Yo chosen its me VG Xrror aka VG Member when can we duo for a vis dm me when we can. And this bid was great

  6. Add me pls my name is pickles#2997 I'm actually pretty good

  7. Amazing video Chosen
    PS:I'm not sure if that was you but I killed a guy yesterday who had the exact same name as you and the exact same skin.I was really exited😀

  8. when a game? I did 24 kills only vs squad

  9. Hey Whats up I think you stole my name xD

  10. Don't say how many kills you get plss, because i want to see it myself!!! Plss!!!

    Ps. I am Finnish and i can't speak English. I am bad at English 😭😭😭

  11. Good music but can you put "In my Mind" music on the next video? Plsss it's the best music forever, plss!!!!!


  12. Love all ur Videos, Ur a GOD, keep up that work 🙂

  13. U are very good i recament to do a round with leadbrawl , samagu , and zombsgamin, but leadbrawl can be really bad…

  14. Tbh, I have never seen anyone with that much sniper ammo. The most I’ve had was 100 lol ;(

  15. Everyone who sees this comment has to like chosens vid

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