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Zombs Royale | 27 KILLS FAMAS Only Solo VS Squads

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  1. The question we are all asking is how. How can he be so lucky with his lobbies, the players are like ants and they are ALL right NEXT to him.

  2. Why didn't you answer to my hi when I saw u in game :(((( xd

  3. When samaju got 27 kills they were not good

  4. Me: subs to samaju at 2k

    Me: quits for 7 months

    Me: looks for samaju and cries the zr community is gone

    Only OGs remember samaju getting 35 kills and surviving 50/50 storm heal alone!

  5. This weapon is good for mobile players i killed two sweats with it

  6. What is your key setup and how do you switch weapons so fast?

  7. challenge: kill no one and no weapon. Make ur own rules those are the conditions.

  8. Samaju i life europe i life finland im finland best player

  9. make more troll videos, like trolling in superpowers part 2 or something

  10. Even if there are 2 sweats in front of Samuja. Samuja will destroy them

  11. Samaju you beat me today in zombs royale I was very happy and my friend knocked you down 🙁

  12. Please play a regualr game but at 30 fps i feel like that will be more difficult

  13. Rip he couldn't take the golden scar epic pump shotgun and the dragonuv but still impressive I liked and subscribe~

  14. Hey, I have a challenge for you: win with pistol 30 kill solo squad

  15. i love your vid's i watch every day your vid's ❤❤❤❤❤❤ let him guys 50000 subs

  16. fk i can feel his 144hz from my 60hz monitor 🙁

  17. i just died to you in mystery mode and it was rpg and your skin was a heart but it might be a fake and today is sat. jan.23 2021 🙂

  18. Yang's minions: starts strafing next to samjus house
    Samaju: so I see u have chosen death

  19. Samaju is the worst player in zombs he is such a noob if i played 1v1 with him i would have destroyed him

  20. Can you put the song name … kind da like some of the song that is in the video 🙂

    I found the song yes victory is mine (edit)

  21. Can I do uncommon guns only challenge??😎😎

  22. Hey, Samaju, look what I got! I deafeated gold in Zombs Royale!

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