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Zombs Royale – 33 kill Duo Game with [VG] Samaju!

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Thank you for helping with the video OuO

Music: Laszlo – Imaginary Friends [NCS Release]


  1. Lol when i read the vid i thought it said SAMAJU not UJAMAS LMAOOOO XD. THE MUSIC IS👌👌👊

  2. hey vg chosen, i wanna play some duos. I am a good player, with 298 wins, im a season 4 player, could we play at all? @[VG] Chosen

  3. Is there someone on VG called [VG] [X]*ror

  4. Haven't you had a duo with Divine and you both got total 50kills? You got 25 Divine also 25

  5. can i join to your clan i kill samaju sometimes im Notalpha#3010 i have the first skin of the game you are the best and i don't like it radical reefs new sub

  6. Samaju I literally just killed u then I was the Zombs gaming account with noob hammer and balaclava. GG IM STILL SHOCKED THAT I KILLED YOU 😱

  7. I would say 9/10 for loot quality because I always get a dragunov or some legendary AR. the buildings are so far apart tho. I don’t like that, a bit like infantry. Other than that I like camping in the coral and freaking people out 😉😂😜😊

  8. Can you friend me? My username is Imsorry#6951

  9. I want to challenge u my highest kills I got was a Solo squads is 26 I think I could beat u what’s your name mine is NTPDdogninjaYT#4651

  10. You are soooo prooo hello from Latvia im playing zombsroyqle

  11. Hey if your reading this I just wanna say Ive gotten killed by Samaju before and I recorded it so if you would like to feel free to check my video!

  12. Hi VG chosen what do you use to edit your videos?

  13. wow best video, nice qualite video and gameplay

  14. samuju sucks i killed him 3 times chosen you're way better

  15. For a second I thought the whole vid was chosen in 2 seperate games but it was both veiws

    U and samaju are best <3

  16. To be honest I think VG samjua won more times then he died

  17. It has always been my dream to join VG

  18. Lol I like the music and keep up with the good subs!

  19. I like the style they play they don’t spin and try to kill they just play

  20. chosen on his own out of 100 it is100/100 but samaju and chosen is 1000/10 lol

  21. The deadly triple 3, would be unlegendarynooby, Samaju, and Chosen.

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