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Zombs Royale – 50 vs 50 + Building Blocks Mode! (BETA)

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Game Mode – 50 vs 50 + Building Blocks Mode (BETA)

The only video I recorded of this mode. I would have made more videos if I knew it was never coming back…

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  1. Keep it up 🙂 (Sub to me as a favor for my sub if you want :D)

  2. You drop off instantly and say it’s boring? Maybe stay on a bit longer

  3. What happened I play now but there is no building blocks🤔

  4. Can someone contact zombs royale to add building

  5. Tumadre ahahahha Molto cortesi gli italiani xd

  6. It delays im sorry but you just got bad WIFI

  7. Sniper shotgun but its zombs Royale and building

  8. I remember the og days when fortnite was actually good and so was zombs

  9. My brother thought this wasn’t Zombs Royale lol

  10. It is a pity that it is no longer and that there is no such mode on the duo

  11. So this is what Yang did on Boxelder’s stream

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