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More zombsroyale.io battle royale gameplay highlights, including lots of new features and items that have been recently added and my best moments whilst playing. Hope you enjoy!

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Kevin MacLeod


  1. just yesturday there was an update that made the guns look more cartoony . 😀

  2. Every time I play I either get second or fourth🐺

  3. Omg is Oliver the movie we you see the big saying pls sir

  4. I had 4 kills just when they all was coming to me omg that was amazing

  5. I have 31 solo wins 10 duo and 1 squad win, my highest kill game is 17 and my highest kill game and I win is 13

  6. DANG iHASYOU IS THE BEST! iHASYOU has inspired me to make my own youtube channel and i post Zombs Royale Videos! I really hope i can be as good as him, but i could really use the support/feedback on my videos! so please hit subscribe and check it out. Thanks!

  7. way too over editted, cant even realise whats going on

  8. Not trying to hate but I would easily dominate you if you still play like this

  9. I only found 3 mythical weapons in zombs royale

  10. For anyone wondering why I haven't been uploading much this past week….studies!
    I'll be free again next week though, so not long to go and then back to regular uploads! 🙂

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