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zombs royale auto fill moments that lowered my sanity

Sirius M
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This game gunna drive me insane bruh

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  1. I can’t Believe I’m on the front page by the way my real name isn’t Jessica it’s Blake

  2. as an autofill teamate i can confirm that this is accurate

  3. Sirius:lets forget that game ever happened
    Again sirius: still puts it in

  4. if only he had been waring the usal then i would have gone after him

  5. Bro I looked at the thumbnail and lowered my sanity

  6. I sometimes do that,the ppl in auto-fill be like :
    Punching stuffs in the lobby
    Random emouts
    Hot-dropping always
    Killing themselves somehow and leaves u alone lol

  7. ngl bro you make the best ZR content rn Man U the goat

  8. suiris i didn't kill flames and i am a big fan

  9. i love the vidos plz aad me weeman

  10. I was the one who was lagging on east and killed ur teammate LOL

  11. Sirius M is just the better auto filler ngl nice vid man.

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