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Zombs Royale – Battle Pass Season 4 Trailer! (Winter)

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  1. fuszion what do you think seasons for going to be like

  2. If Fuszion hearts this he loves his fans.

  3. No defaults were harmed in the making of this video.

  4. Mi código Angel#4980 para jugar xd

  5. Awesome how do you get those skind so fast I wish I had that much skins😭😭💖💖

  6. This video was really helpful, my phone is kit kat so it can't download zombs royale but my moms computer can, she wouldn't let me use it.

  7. Tomorrow i can buy it, i bought the season 3 and finished

  8. That was one of your best videos.Perfect songs ,action and also awesome kills …😂

  9. Zombsroyale is the best game and Fuszion is its best youtuber

  10. Tell me this guy doesn't make the best content 😎😎

  11. u are so good at the game my username is elmo21#7769

  12. Ktoś che moje konto z ,2,3 sezonem kosztuje 256zł 23gr

  13. hey fuszion i'm a learning animator and for the next season can i make a kinda trailer story line animation? kind of like how fortnite has its seasons videos thanks for making these awesome games and thank you for your time

  14. There is easier aim for PC players while mobile is way harder

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