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Zombs Royale | BEST UPDATE! Thor Hammer BACK! + NEW Weapons

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  1. I think this is actually the worst season, I think it's time for me to start playing a different game this game is just not fun any more for me, they took out the bumps my favorite gun, they took out my favorite location of the lake and it's just not fun now so good bye zombs content and of me playing the game.

  2. Wtf why is there an ad every 2 mins thats just greedy pls stop

  3. Never ask:
    A woman:her age
    A man:his height
    Samuju:voice reaveal

  4. I would like to see more how you play good and loose. You could teach us all about what you could have done different 🙂 Anyway – I love your channel

  5. Everybody: this is the worst update. This guy: (Plz sub to me I made a zombs video)

  6. I love your chanell ive been waching since 6k

  7. Сколько ты лет играешь в Zombs Royale?

  8. You know that there is a game called battle lands Royale,it just copied zombs so it is dumb a*s game

  9. I have a challenge for you only scoped m4, suppressed m15, crossbow, assault scar, and dragonuv and awesome vid

  10. The upload date is the same as the date i won my first solo squad

  11. Im Back When You Had 1.13k I Have A Screenshot So I Have Proof

  12. Casually gets 3 mythics in his first game.
    Me who gets a mythic once every year

  13. 😂 bro me and u have killed each other like 5 times twice in 50v50 and 3 times in pubs lmao

  14. Dear Samaju, my son is a big fan of you and loves to watch you thank you for making these enjoyable videos

  15. I keep watching this over and over since it’s so good. OP work bro xd
    P.S what’s ur music called?

  16. I have been a big fan and have watched have had 100 subs ur channel is the best

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