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Zombs Royale | Best Weapon Combos

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  1. double heavy sniper was the best. P.S Awesome vid and keep up the great work

  2. Hey samaju hope ur having a good day. FYI today I almost killed u. u were one 3 health don't know if it was the real u but gg anyway

  3. what is that song at the end?
    its so good
    im new to the channel

  4. Can u add me? Headshot#7472 im really good, LIKE REALLY GOOD!!!

  5. my personal combo is double semi auto sniper

  6. My combo is….CrossBow and XBow
    AWP and Dragunov
    Pump and Assault Shotgun
    Deagle And Deagle And Deagle and Deagle
    Assault SCAR and Mythic AK
    Gift Launcher and Grenade Launcher
    Vss And Semi-Auto sniper

  7. Do u switch weapons with ur keys or mouse? And do u know how to practise doing that?

  8. My team mate noobmaster killed you in duos lol

  9. looooooooooool lets ban those combos in ZCC, WE CANT LET SAMAJU DESTROY AGAIN AS WITH DOUBLE AK

  10. Omggomgogg samajuu I cant believe I killed you twice today holy shittt dude can you please add me I’m a huge fan and I cant believe this happened my get is Kenny#3300

  11. Hey Samaju! I Am Going To Upload A Video To My Channel Of 'Can I Join VG' So If You Don't Mind Can You Watch The Video Plz Because It Took A Long Time To Edit So Plz Watch It It's A Pretty Good Video Btw Nice Video! I Liked! 😉

  12. Samaju I wanna play with you one game so pls add Xxgoku#5512

  13. Your combo are so much useful for everyone and all PC player like you

  14. if somebody is hiding behind a wall a really good combo is trident then snipe then ar spray

  15. For deagle shotgun if you’re more close range you can youse a pump instead

  16. Rocket lancher + ar 9 kills

    Deagle + ar = 15 kills

    Impuse + awp 13 kills

  17. Very nice video… I am boy account is my mum's my name's is Panagiotis

  18. where is the reverse impulse and sniper? Where is the frag reverse impulse?

  19. Twin semi auto sniper is like a ar sniper

  20. “Double glock”

    Double ak: are you challenging me?

  21. yeah boyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  22. All these require quick scrolling and keybinding

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