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Zombs Royale But 300 Players Are In Lobby

Sirius M
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Zombs Royale But 300 Players Are In Lobby, ok more like 290 still totally a normal lobby not a scam tournament code… anyways lol vid

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  1. its EndZone solo warmup btw. i played it and placed like 20th lol

  2. Just look at this man's profile picture Haha man what is that

  3. ayo noice vid like always love your channel homie

  4. Serius I was that kid asking if u kid do the raid shotgun only challenge.

  5. yooo
    nice vid!!
    that lobby is STACKED!
    u got into the top 40!!
    was this the endzone event?

  6. get almst everyone u can kill be4 u lag

  7. i still remember this from yesterday and let me tell u i couldnt even move in the game

  8. I swear, do people ever tell him that he looks like Mike from Stranger Things

  9. Lol. I just watched geo dash vids from 3-4 years ago

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