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Zombs Royale But Each Time I Get An Elimination I Increase My Sensitivity…

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In this video, I attempt the sensitivity challenge where I need to increase my sensitivity each time I get a kill. This is more of a longer video but hope you still enjoy!
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1:44 Gameplay
15:03 Outro
1. Not For Nothing – Otis McDonald
2. Meatball Parade – Kevin Macleod
3. Paradise – Ikson
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  1. He comes up with so many different video ideas and that's what makes his unique

  2. not trying to be mean but is your voice real because my friends don’t think so

  3. don´t worry bro the longer the better just wanted to tell you i had a asthma attack but i fell so better

  4. lol u r screen movin outta place coz of sensitivity i guess
    but u aced it!!

  5. At least it's not in zombies mode and like the moral of this don't be cracked

  6. POG! I was [ juice ] xd i didnt know u were doin a challenge! ggs

  7. "No dont be sad face lemme win"

    -jun 2020, out of context 😀

  8. Sorry I ruined it it was 69 likes but I just had to like

  9. Imagine unpinning your comment to pin mine…

  10. Maybe you could do this: Every time I win I change my keybinds…

  11. Pretty legendary jun. I really enjoyed this. I’m going to turn my Valorant channel into a zombs.

  12. like other og acc im your biggest fan in the world

  13. Hello Jun! I have not seen this channel in a while….

  14. Does “wallbang” have a different meaning in zr?

  15. lmao kept grabbing your obs capture hilarious also

    100th Comment :3

  16. what up im try and join your clan but need a lot more kills but im still a mg member so im get more wins to join your clan.

  17. the other kids who missed thier shots play on max sens

  18. This name is taken. Please try again. says:

    Legendary Jun- Could you do a Zombs Royale Touchpad and Keyboard only challenge?


  20. LegendaryJun: I won with 6000 sensitivity
    Me: your sensitive…

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