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Zombs Royale But I Can Only Use Airdrop Loot…

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In this video, I have to win while only using loot from airdrops. Hope you guys enjoy!
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  1. Hey bro ! Just got a massive upgrade to my disc server!! If u join ill give u vip access which is what durant35 has!

  2. I promise not to spam u or anything if you join my server

  3. 14:00 he Ded ok alright great moving on you guys saw nothin' there was actually no spam involved in it
    Me: Alright buddy,you LITERALLY used vector is that not a spa- oh you only did air drop only and that was you're excuse sorry

  4. 14:51 No,he didn't die to storm cuz top left it didn't say so the only way he died was becuz he left the game 🙂
    Thursday ale note of that btw 😉

  5. If you don’t know either supply drops our in the edge or smack on the middle or south of middle and north of middle

  6. It takes 25 secs for the supply drop to spawn after the circle is shown

  7. Also Jun the supply drop only drops in the circle so drop mystic so you can rotate fast

  8. Thor Hammer Not The Best

    ARE U sUrE abOuT tHAtTTT?????

  9. usually, the airdrops go to super sanctum.

  10. You can just reload the hammer to skip the cool down

  11. you sound like my dad no problemo then runs into a problem

  12. why dont you do mythics only like airdrops and ones you get dfrom crates or golden chest

  13. 42 seconds before storm starts to move a Airdrop, Drops.

  14. When storm moved about 20-30 seconds before supply drop

  15. Airdrop is in circle like dont e out of circle

  16. the last guy didnt die in the storm, he left, if he died in the storm it would say (his name) was killed by gas

  17. You're a gigachad if you remember Trinket Town. The map has changed a lot since then.

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