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Zombs Royale But My Cursor Has To Stay On My Skin…

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In this video, I try to win while having my cursor on my skin throughout the whole game. Hope you enjoy!
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  1. 0:28 challenges for jun end in 5 hours 55 minutes and 55 seconds 😏

  2. led lights link? thinking of getting some nice vid also

  3. Am I the only one who liked the old mic better?

  4. For some reason everyone was saying ''Jun is in cc

  5. jun can u just scrim with no challenge i like watching u play

  6. 2:47
    how did you just change your loot in your inventory and edit that part out

  7. he actually put the cursor below the skin before he won in the 2nd gme

  8. Reply on this comment if u want a Q & A my question is how do I get better at the game and also what screen recorder do you recommend for a bad laptop and what is a easy to use montage editor

  9. The fact that he is makeing these vids he carrying zr on his back keep it up 🐐

  10. dude how do u come up with ideas
    this challenge was nice

  11. Hey Jun, did you know that the second game's last [part where u win u left ur cursor from ur skin for a few milimeters so it could be cheating

  12. Hard Too Belive Seal Was Doing It To… I Think He Was Doing It Only Because Of His TERRIBLE Rev Nades

  13. lmao this one is for fun Tag with ramdonooby you both will have the same gun, one person will be it to tag someone you can only shoot them once
    each tagger has 30 bullets to shoot the runner, if he doesn't shoot him within the 30 bullets the
    runner wins. Also you can choose if runner gets grenades or not

    Finale rule we are doing it best out of the health you have
    Meaning you tag someone till they die…
    😀 😀 😀 😀

    Seal was being pretty sus killing players so quickly when you weren't there
    But other than that
    Nice vid!!! :))

  15. Bro your one of my fav zombs royale YouTube's I love ur vids when u play u play smooth keep up the good work

  16. lol u can change it u just need an extra gun

  17. OK OK for real though he had like 4k subs last time and now he has 6k subs congrats jun ur doing great keep it up man

  18. Hello? im new im sub and like
    (:RIP Dino:)

  19. Hey when you get to 1mil Subs can you make a setup tour? And everyone make sure to sub in like comment and jun keep up the good work

  20. Why streamer mode, also Zr content rly running out

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