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Zombs Royale But Mythic’s are my only choice…

Mike Schaefer
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  1. PLZ CONSIDER SUBSCRIBING… Thx so much for watching and I really hope you enjoy the High Quality content . It’s an original idea so nothing special but the content gets a lot of time and thought out into it ! Also do u like the less edits and more gameplay or more cut scenes ?

  2. i love ur vids, keep up the good work!

  3. and i subbed next time maybe if you put a song with lyrics i would wacht your vids more:)

  4. one of your teammates was using a blue ar 😳 (unless only you could)

  5. when i watch I though you were sn XD because you were soo good XD

  6. honestly gold pump should be considered mythic like bru

  7. This my mom acc already subed in mu main 😉

  8. I won this all the times I tried so three times, I used my melee once to kill a dude but it was allowed cuz I used the Cake Cutter thingy from the three year anniversary and it’s a mythic

  9. When u found the gold shotgun but couldn't use it I felt so bad lol 😭

  10. how to make teammate drop mythic sniper
    ghost face

  11. hmm ur friedns broke the rule but u didnt, good job

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