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Zombs Royale BUT The COLORS Are *INVERTED*…

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Hi guys! In this video, we will be playing zombs royale but in inverted colors! This means that my gameplay will have the opposite colors shown. Hope you enjoy it! Please like, subscribe, and watch my other videos! Have an amazing day!

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NOTE: The way I made the colors inverted was by opening up the windows app called Magnifier and pressed the controls “ctrl+alt+i”. Also, just a warning that the colors, when opposite, are quite bright!

SHOUTOUT to SMOOVE ZR for giving me the video idea! Thanks!!!

I have been running dry of video ideas! If you any original, unique video ideas, please post them in the comments section below! Thank you if you do!

In addition, I just wanted to say thank you guys for all the immense growth and support I have been receiving recently on my zombs royale videos! I am already almost at 5k Subscribers, which is just an insane amount! THANK YOU SOO MUCH!

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  1. Vid idea: zombs royale but you cant stop moving, you cant stop to heal and if you do heal it had to be with a heal gun along the wall while u move

  2. If you do this challenge u are a real one do the og LJ challenge 1 kill =1 dance lol 😂

  3. 1:50 it doesn't matter the color of scar. Any scar will crush everything

  4. You were a noob now all the sudden your a pro now tf

    Good Job Man!!!
    STAY OP!!!
    LOV THE VID!!!!!

  6. if u wanna see the actual colors u can just turn the thing on, it flips them back to normal

  7. If u put ur brightness low it looks way cooler and it dosent hurt ur eyes

  8. Game five he killed me lol ggs I was the last guy

  9. um this idea was stolen from QuinnBeastmode3

  10. i think hes faked it 🙁 why is his cam flipped too 🙁 i think he flipped it while editing 🙁

  11. Thank you for using my challenge!!! I am so thankful!!!

  12. I was watching this w/ inverted colors, everything looks normal XD!

  13. yo i know it sounds kinda obvious but when you watch this and invert your screen it looks normal lol!

  14. Tomorrow can u do airdrop only or the one chest challenge

  15. for a vid u should play zombs royale left handed

  16. I watched tis vid in high contrast mode lol I saw everything fine

  17. on my grandmas computer the floor is always black for some reason

  18. Bruh u edited this out, it's normal irl 😳😳😳😳😳

  19. while your watching this video if you change ur screen to inverted then the video looks regular

  20. btw i actually did the same thing and i can see ur screen normally loll

  21. if u watch this with inverted colors its kinda weird

  22. I reversed that by using high contrast mode LOL

  23. pls how i make this?

    《●-●》 《■-■》 tell me how

  24. i turned inverted colors on when im watching this lol

  25. hahaha if you invert colors you see the regular zombs.

  26. bro if you turn it on yourself and watch the vid the game is normal THAT IS SO TRIPPY

  27. i inverted my colers too while watching the vid so it was normal

  28. if i turn on inverted colors when hes using inverted colors it looks like hes playing on normal colors

  29. Your face looks kinda creepy in this challenge

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