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Zombs Royale BUT The COLORS Are *INVERTED*…

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Hi guys! In this video, we will be playing zombs royale but in inverted colors! This means that my gameplay will have the opposite colors shown. Hope you enjoy it! Please like, subscribe, and watch my other videos! Have an amazing day!

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NOTE: The way I made the colors inverted was by opening up the windows app called Magnifier and pressed the controls “ctrl+alt+i”. Also, just a warning that the colors, when opposite, are quite bright!

SHOUTOUT to SMOOVE ZR for giving me the video idea! Thanks!!!

I have been running dry of video ideas! If you any original, unique video ideas, please post them in the comments section below! Thank you if you do!

In addition, I just wanted to say thank you guys for all the immense growth and support I have been receiving recently on my zombs royale videos! I am already almost at 5k Subscribers, which is just an insane amount! THANK YOU SOO MUCH!

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  1. They become their complimentary colourRed=GreenGreen=RedBlue=OrangeOrange=BluePurple=YellowYellow=PurpleBlack=WhiteWhite=Black

  2. Randomnooby: inverse colors!

    Colorblind people: wait this is a challenge?

  3. Jeez that is trippy. U look like a fricken dead person. Is it like that for everyone or am I high?

  4. Cool video and yooo the face cam like you look fresh

  5. did you know if you put invert on your end it will go back to normal try it

  6. It's been a long time since last time… Waow almost 5000 subs i remember you since 100 subs! Dude this is so cool congrats!!!

  7. I have a challenge for you. The challenge is you have to trap every person you want to kill with snowman grenades. Like you have to fully trap

  8. Ayo fam I think you inverted the facecam as well

  9. if u watch this video with inverted colors the colors are normal lol

  10. Do a challenge where you can only stay in one are of the map like Mystic forest no matter if Strom or people try to push you ut

  11. so randomnooby teaches us what a seizure is.

  12. When watching the video just inverse the colors on your pc, and you got a regular recording

  13. If you look at the map upside down then it will look really different

  14. Challenge: Using one hand (does not need to win).

  15. I inverted my colors so now you are not inverted 🙂

  16. When your 1 hour late cause of school 💀

  17. Randonooby has to be top 5 in my ZR content creator he's the 🐐 GOAT

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