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Zombs Royale But We Can Only Use One Chest… (One Chest Only Challenge)

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In this video, me and ramdonooby try the one chest only challenge!
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Special Thanks To Our Channel Members: Y.C. KJ, Jennifer Denvers, Incital
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  1. If you want to receive a shoutout at the start of my videos, join my channel membership located in the description and unlock perks and emotes!

  2. You can win with an uzi but I can’t win with the best load out in the game

  3. Hey legendary jun i love you, ur videos r da best

  4. do you know how long if been trying to do this chalenge 7 monthes

  5. Hows ur class going on ? ¯_༼ᴼل͜ᴼ༽_/¯

  6. Great vid do the Category Only Challenge

    You can only get guns from a wheel you spin options are snipers,smgs,shotguns,ar

  7. 0:30 : ok holy shiiii
    remembers that kids could be watching

  8. why are you copying unlegendrynoobs theam song

  9. umm, 2:00 that's my combo, I've never seen anyone else use it before

  10. Hey bro remember me? Also have u seen my montage? If not totally fine but if you have time plz do it

  11. Can you add me on discord I’m gonna tryout for simply noobs and maybe even tho I’m gonna be on simply noobs we can still do 1v1s and do duos and squads or even do juice vs simply 😃

  12. 1 of my games i got 2 scoped m4s and 1 silenced smg in 1 chest

  13. can someone please tell me what the name of that song is at the very beginnning

  14. i am a navy seal then get touched by the goo

  15. Awesome vids you inspired me to make channel hopefully it will get as successful as you

  16. "drop the glock" me: *cringeing that he doesnt know what a p2000 is"

  17. I played Zomba royal for 7 days and then on the 8th day I opened the first chest of the match and got a silenced ar15 and a dragnov from 1 chest not lying and I go into another house in drifter I see another slienced ar 15 on the ground but there was a pro in there he saw my dragnov and followed me and killed me

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