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Zombs Royale – Buying Season 8 Battlepass

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Weero & Mitte Our Drive
Robin Hustin on fire
Debris & Jonth Game time



  2. Hey ur almost at 10k congrats can you do a qna for it?

  3. Some Cosmetics looks like season 2 cosmetics xfor example the Evolution Parachute

  4. Reporting ATZombsgamin for teaming up in superpower and killing me

  5. Put the song elektronomia sky high in one of your videos pls

  6. I dont have battlepass pls help 🙁 im lvl 23 i guess

  7. Amazing Season!! You are probably gonna be tier 100 in no time!

  8. Hey can I be in your clan please im really good

  9. Hey can I be in your clan please im really good

  10. Hey can I be in your clan please im really good

  11. If u see a sniper..get it but if u get the airdrop and there's a big mythic sniper.. get IT

  12. You are not putting in effort in a way cuz you used last season's GamePlay

  13. Sir please explain me how to change gun fast and sniper

  14. I bought th whole battle passs and the last skin is littt

  15. I love your videos, and I got into the same squad as you yesterday, and you friended me! My name was FHjetsfanscott. I really like your videos stay cool

  16. Are You from Germany cause 3 months ago You streamt and there were some notifications in German and I'm from Germany lol

  17. Yo I wanna play w/ u so badly too bad that it’s probably not gonna happen :/

  18. What is best AR assult scar,mythic Ak47,silenced AR,Scoped AR or Gold UMP?

  19. Hi i wanna make videos as well, what app do you use?

  20. Hey im Chaostheorie#8995 er play today 50 50 im

  21. I think I'm going to buy the battle pass

  22. I think i have you has a friend a don't really know ok.

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